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    1. Ask trailer supplier to send quality report for steel. best steel brand in China is Baosteel. SWT trailer use Baosteel all the time.
    2. Ask trailer supplier to offer drawing for trailer chassis.  It will be easy for you to know what thickness and what type material they used on chassis. Mostly RHS chassis is more stronger than angle chassis. also check how many PCS cross bar on chassis. the more cross bar on chassis the more stronger.
    3. All sizes trailers chassis from SWT Trailer are 300mm along with a 50x50 RHS bar.
    4. Check the trailer parts with certification or not, such as trailer wheel. trailer lights, trailer coupling, trailer chain, etc. They have to be with certification.
    5. Check the axle and see whether the axle is solid or hollow axle. solid axle is 100% stronger than hollow axle. hollow axle with risk for braking if people overload goods on trailer.
    6. Check the trailer is bolted designed or fully welded designed. Bolted design trailer sides all use bolts bolt on trailer chassis. Fully welded trailer sides, floor, chassis all welded together.  It is a whole part.
    7. Mostly bolted design trailer side and floor use 1.18mm ribbed zinc plate. SWT standard trailers all use checker plate floor. unless customers want to use zinc plate floor, otherwise we won't use it.

    1. SWT trailer made trailers more than 12 years. We had rich experience on trailer. We know what quality trailers customers like. We know how to build a trailer with customer requirement.
    2. SWT Trailer engineers had rich experience on designing trailers.
    3. SWT Trailer always make high quality products.
    4. Each size of SWT's trailer has a corresponding jig.
    5. SWT Trailer is a manufacturer, not a trading company. 
    6. SWT Trailer has western sales manager work for us, which Is easy for you to talk about business. such as NZ and Australia market. You can get quote from our factory then discuss trailer details with our western sales manager.
    7. SWT Trailer will buy warehouse in Australia and set a show room In April 2015. We can show our products to customers straight way and rent ware house to customer free in first 6 months.

    1.SWT Trailer located in the middle of Shanghai and Nanjing. 1 hour to one and half an hour from Shanghai to our city if you take high speed train. 2 hours by airplane from most city of China to Nanjing airport.
    2. SWT Trailer can easily design A\a trailer for our customers according more than 12 years experience. Customers just let us know a roughly ideal and trailer capacity, then we will offer you CAD or 3d drawing for our customers check.
    3. SWT Trailer offer unbeatable quality trailers and reasonable price, no matter trailer body or trailer parts, such as axle. We will not make axles by ourselves for reducing cost. We get axles from experienced axle factory which offer axles to top e brand truck factory or car factory. That means the quality is under control.
    4. SWT Trailer can offer sample trailer order less than a week.


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